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Hemp Spa Hemp Oil Massage Candle - Lemongrass

Hemp Spa Hemp Oil Massage Candle - Lemongrass


Product Info

Get closer to the one you love with Hemp Spa Massage Candle, a lemongrass fragrance and massage oil infused with all-natural hemp oil. Made for two, Hemp Spa Massage Candle in lemongrass is sweet, soft, and calming and will kick up the passion in any evening while nurturing and moisturizing your skin. Try Hemp Spa Hemp Massage Candle in lemongrass and see what hemp can do for your skin and your nights!

Hemp Spa lemongrass hemp massage candles are specially formulated to burn just a few degrees above your body temperature, making for a subtle and sensual experience that will warm your skin and give it a youthful glow. Made from hemp oil, Hemp Spa hemp oil massage candles leave you feeling soft and never greasy, as it richly hydrates and relaxes you.

Hemp oil massage candles are easy to use. Simply allow the candle to burn for about 15 minutes until the desired amount of oil is produced. Extinguish the candle and apply hemp oil directly to the skin via pouring or a gentle fingertip massage. The oil will make skin feel smooth, soft, and moisturized and can be reapplied generously. Be careful to test the temperature of the oil and take all precautions necessary when using lit candles.

Turn up the heat and relish in your soft skin with Hemp Spa Massage Candle, a lemongrass fragrance and hemp body oil that renews and invigorates both your body and your bedroom. Hemp Spa hemp massage candles are made from all-natural hemp grown right here in the USA. All products are third-party tested for safety and efficacy, so you can be guaranteed that you’re only buying the best.

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