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Growing old gracefully - What is means to work towards peace of mind.

After I turned 50, I decided my goal was to live out the 2nd half of my life with no regrets. I was seeing a pattern of people I knew leaving this earth far too young from not properly taking care of themselves, so my mission is to Grow old gracefully. Here are a few on my findings on how to accomplish this goal:

  • Go to the Doctor. Get checked out. If things feel out of order. Don't take it for granted.

  • Rest and Meditate: In this crazy world, resetting the mind is a must. Take time to listen to positive affirmations to build your mind and spirit. Also think positive affirmations about your health and try not to give in to those negative thoughts. Your mind will do what you tell it, so it's important to continue saying good things in order to have a chance at better results for your health.

  • Connect with others: There are times when we feel as if time is needed to ourselves, but secluding ourselves from the outside world may can cause depression. Connect with a group of like minded people to keep you engaged.

  • Learn to forgive: I can't stress this enough! Too many people are walking around holding on to past experiences which is not good for your body on a cellular level. Know that life is happening for you and not to you. This also ties in with daily meditation.

  • Take 10 minutes in the morning to stretch your body. Get those juices flowing! Our body can get rusty if we don't do the small things to keep in order for the long run. Not sure about you, but I'm not ready to get pushed around in a wheel chair!

  • And lastly, just laugh at the silly stuff! Dance more...Tomorrow is not promised!

Maxine Sinclair

Your Health & Wellness Coach

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