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Are you getting enough sleep?

Did you know that Sleepless in America is a $32.4 billion dollar industry! Yes, America is not properly sleeping for various reasons: Stress, pain & illness and depression just to name a few. At times I've struggled with sleeping, only to find myself burned out.

But I learned there are small tricks to get your body to rest and ensure a proper nights rest.

-Before you put your head down to sleep, think about your day and work on saying positive affirmations. Most of our stress comes during sleep when we think about the anxiety we experienced during the day, week or month. Tell yourself no matter what, you're not a bad person and tomorrow will be a better day. It sounds corny but you'll start believing it over time.

-Get enough sunlight during the day. Yes, that Vitamin D hitting your skin is the best natural way to ensure you'll get proper rest at night. This is also helpful after a good walk, jog or workout.

-Watch the types of food your eating in the evening. Many people have different schedules, but if you want to wake up feeling refreshed instead of having an achy body, eat something on the light side and try night to eat after 7 to ensure your metabolism has time to reset for the next day.

-Use relax lotions, Bath&Body Works has a great Eucalyptus oil and also a relax lotion to help calm your body. Melanoma sleep aids to help your body relax your body as well.

What have you tried to help with sleep? Did it work for you? I would love to discuss alternative health solutions with you. Leave your comment below.

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