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Free Resources for Estate Planning & Health Insurance

As a Healthplan Advisor, my goal is to service and provide helpful information to the community. I navigate my clients through the healthcare system and provide reasonable prices for ministry services. Please click on the links below to get more information.

Do you have the following documents in place?


- Will or Trust (POA for Finances)

- Healthcare Power of Attorney

- Life Insurance  (call me at 323-379-4225  for more info!)

- Preneed for Burial

One way to plan in advance for the end of one's life is to sign a formal contract called a "preneed funeral plan." With this plan, money to pay for a funeral and/or burial is held in a trust, in an escrow account or paid through an insurance policy on the life of the person desiring the plan.


Anyone who is married, or caring for a parent or relative should have the above info in place. Please click on the links above to get more information.

Health Insurance info

Don't see your question above?  Please click on the links below. Still don't see your question? Please call me for further assistance.
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