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About MinistryandWellness LLC

MinistryandWellness LLC was established in 2018 by Maxine Sinclair to provide Health and Wellness products and services for those dealing with constant stress, pain, anxiety and sleep.  Maxine works as a Licensed Healthplan Advisor and after listening to the hundreds of members and also  her own family, decided to do her own research on understanding CBD/Hemp to find quality and affordable alternative solutions to  help people with their daily discomfort 


MinistryandWellness' main objective is to find the right solution based on the clients needs.  Using CBD/Hemp is not a one size fit all solution. I  strive on providing the highest qualify products at an affordable price.  No question is too small!  I was just like you!  But I have spent the past few years using the products to ensure I am giving my clients the best advice. 

Please note I make no medical claims and encourage clients to speak to their doctors if taking other prescriptions. 

"Thank you for trusting me with your concerns,   because I enjoy helping people, it is my lifelong passion to be a blessing to others" - Maxine 


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